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After completing the first LBP Round Table discussion, we were so excited, we told everybody we knew to listen to the recording. It was only after taking a step back from the recording that we realized that for all the topics we covered, there were many more that we left out.  You see, almost immediately following the recording of the first round table, news of the Trayvon Martin case began to make national headlines. It was also during this time that a widespread racial backlash took place online when fans learned that not only did the Hunger Games film have black actors as key characters but also that the online series Awkward Black Girl won a Shorty award over more traditional shows. Thinking about how these topics each deserved their own round table, we set in motion what we hope will be one day be a weekly podcast.

Today, I’m posting the recording for the second LBP Round Table – Race & Media in which the members of the Love Black Project team talk about the slow media coverage of the killing of Trayvon Martin, those angry tweets about black people being in the Hunger Games and how dare Issa Rae (creator of Awkward Black Girlwin a Shorty award.

Download the audio: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3