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LBP has been hard at work for you. We have had an abundant response to the trailer of the LBP and we thank you.

From previous blog post, we have done extensive research into past and present television programs and a couple of films. The ones that were chosen demonstrated several of the qualities we were looking for: they dealt with family issues, there was a constant sense of discovery individually and in a group and most importantly, many African-Americans could relate to what was on the screen.

For our most recent project, the members of LBP hosted a round table discussion. We took a look at how African-American’s are portrayed in the media and how that reflects onto relationships. A group of five people, three males and two females, where asked a variety of questions dealing with their history of television, how it impacted them and many more. As we like to say in LBP, we asked real questions and got honest answers.

Round-table discussion will be posted soon, stay on the look out!